Control Office 365 Permissions

Confidently control, monitor, and action all Office 365 user permissions for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, and more.

User Empowered Permissions

Allow authorised users within your organisation to create and control Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, lists, libraries and content for their team members.

These users know who should have access to that content, and hold the responsibility to control Office 365 permissions on the content. This speeds up the Teams and SharePoint site creation process and subsequent management while reducing pressure on IT.

Control Permissions
Permissions Global updates

Rapidly Implement Global Changes

Sometimes changes need to occur centrally across multiple sites, site collections, web applications or across the entire farm.

With centralised permissions management, Administrators or authorised users can control permissions on a global scale from a central platform, as and when changes occur. This centralised management can save hours of manual intervention and significantly reduce the workload of your IT Team.

All bulk permission operations occur through scheduled jobs so will not affect the performance of SharePoint in your SharePoint Farm.

Speed up User Onboarding & Offboarding

From a single interface, add, clone or change permissions for team and group members in bulk, or even remove multiple users at once, across multiple Teams, SharePoint sites, lists or items. You can also import permissions for multiple sites, lists or folders at once, as changes arise.

Other operations, such as Copy Permissions, Transfer Permissions, Delete Permissions and Grant Permissions can be simply controlled within sites or through centralised permissions pages.

Permissions User Onboarding
Permissions Inheritance

Improve Permissions Inheritance

Permission inheritance is typically broken when sharing a list item or folder. And it can be time consuming to re-inherit permissions on site or list every time someone changes role or leaves the organisation.

Not anymore. In a single click, ProvisionPoint Permissions can create a list of all your documents with broken permission inheritance, negating the need to wade through thousands of documents and libraries to discover where any broken permission inheritance occurs.

With instant and accurate permission reporting on lists and items, you can take immediate action to address the permissions on those documents, and even manage inheritance in bulk on multiple selected sites and lists.

Office 365 Permissions. Controlled.

See how ProvisionPoint Permissions can help with your Office 365 permissions management needs.

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