Discover Office 365 Permissions

Rapidly identify, track, and audit user permissions across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, and more.

Improve Discovery of User Permissions

With the ability to identify and track user and administrator activity across the tenant, you can effectively discover all Office 365 user permissions from a single interface.

You can even identify documents with broken permission inheritance and take immediate action to address these broken permissions in a single click.

Permissions Discover
Reporting Permissions

Comprehensive Reporting

Create scheduled permissions discovery reports at site, site collection, list, library and item level either individually or by grouping objects together in bulk. These flexible reports offer filtering, sorting and exporting to Excel, so you can discover any changes to permissions, and introduce rules to alert you via email should permission changes occur.

Every single user is included in each permissions report – even if Active Directory Security Groups were used to grant permissions. With a comprehensive overview of every user who has permission to access your content, you can promptly control change and keep your workspaces secure.

Rapidly Respond to Audits

From membership changes, permission updates to establishing which sensitive documents have recently been accessed and by whom, detailed data can be swiftly accessed, negating the need for complex and time-consuming compliance and auditing tasks.

This powerful auditing feature also allows you to report on permissions on a global scale, as changes occur in your organisation. Bulk permission operations occur through scheduled jobs that don’t affect the performance of SharePoint in your SharePoint Farm. All audit reports can be exported in a readable format.

Permissions Auditing
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Permissions Discovery Features

Service Definition

Schedule SharePoint Permission Reports

Each SharePoint permission report can be exported to Microsoft Excel, and can also be scheduled to run at a time that suits you. For example, every month, you could have a permissions report automatically generated, showing you or your Site Owners what permissions have been changed.

PnP Provisioning Templates

Discover SharePoint Permissions

ProvisionPoint Permissions will deliver a list of all documents with broken permission inheritance, so you can discover and manage the permissions on those documents.


Granted SharePoint Permissions

Even in cases where you use Active Directory Groups, ProvisionPoint Permissions can identify every single user who has permission to access your content and how they were granted permission, such as through direct permissions, SharePoint Group membership, or Active Directory Security Groups.

Authorisation Workflow

Unique Permissions

The Unique Permissions Report will display specific account granted permissions (User or Domain Group).

All group memberships, Site Collection Administration Designations, Site Permissions, List Permissions, Folder and Item Permissions are included within the report. It can be scoped at Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, or Site Level and the report can also be easily exported (Snapshot).

Office 365 Permissions. Discovered.

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See how ProvisionPoint Permissions can help with your Office 365 permissions management needs.

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