Office 365 Lifecycle Actions for Containers & Objects

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On-going Control with Office 365 Lifecycle Actions

To avoid chaos, it is important to manage Office 365 objects on an on-going basis. They need to be kept under control and relevant to users. It is vital to ensure that these Office 365 Objects are managed in a consistent way. With ProvisionPoint Enterprise you can use Actions to effectively manage SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Planner, Microsoft Teams and more.

With ProvisionPoint Enterprise, an administrator can define which actions can be completed for specific objects or containers. These actions include changing site ownership, managing security and updating classification data.  Also, there is the option to delegate a delete action for SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams.

Approval processes can be assigned to each Office 365 Action, to give further control.  Most importantly these Actions are available to Owners without the need to grant them full administrative rights.

Office 365 Actions Post Provisioning
Office 365 Actions Post Provisioning

Create Custom SharePoint Lists and Libraries

Site owners can also use ProvisionPoint Enterprise to enhance an existing site by creating new lists and libraries. They are able to create a new List or Library from a selection of Templates, without the need for administrative privileges.  This is accessed from the Actions Tab for a specific SharePoint Site by using the Site Information screen.

Administrators can define whether the standard SharePoint List Templates are available to create.  Also, administrators can define whether custom List Templates can be used within a SharePoint Site Collection.  Furthermore, the Action of creating a List or Library can be extended by using Approval and Notification.

Office 365 Actions. Sorted.

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Delegating Actions for SharePoint Sites

Delegating Actions for SharePoint Sites

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is not just about the provisioning of SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. An owner of a particular object can use ProvisionPoint Enterprise to perform various actions. These actions can include creating new Lists,...

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ProvisionPoint Enterprise Overlay

ProvisionPoint Enterprise Overlay

ProvisionPoint Enterprise can do much more than just create new SharePoint sites. It can keep everyone informed and allow the delegation of Actions without granting users administrative rights to a Site. We wanted to allow our customers to be able to access these...

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How to Use ProvisionPoint Enterprise.

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Making a change to your Site

See how users can make changes to Office 365 Objects in a controlled manner.


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