Office 365 Provisioning

Provisioning Office 365 Objects

ProvisionPoint is the complete solution for Office 365 provisioning.  This is because in contrast to other solutions all experiences are supported.  Either Modern Sites can be created, including Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  Or Classic SharePoint Sites can also be created, including Site Collections and Sub Sites.

User Adoption of Office 365 is further improved.  This is because ProvisionPoint enables end users to create new Sites, Groups and Teams.  Therefore, users can easily provision the right objects based on templates.  As a result, users have a greater sense of Ownership of Office 365.

ProvisionPoint is flexible to suit different organisations.  This is because templates can easily be configured.  Firstly, these templates define how a requested object will be created.  Secondly, each template can include features, structure and other functionality.  Finally, if required, PnP templates can be used to apply complex settings.

ProvisionPoint also supports wider provisioning needs.  These include classification, content types, branding, approval and permissions management.  Consequently, it is a complete solution for Office 365 provisioning.

Office 365 Provisioning Requests
Office 365 Provisioning

Trusted Solution

ProvisionPoint is an established SaaS solution.  It is used by thousands of users and is built on top of Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure.

Global Organisations trust ProvisionPoint. Firstly, because there are no hidden usage costs.  Secondly, free support is included.  Thirdly, it continues to evolve as Office 365 changes.  This is due to new features being added regularly, based on customer feedback.

It is the right solution for all situations.  Including as part of a migration to the Cloud.  Also, for improving adoption of existing Office 365 users.  Finally, and most importantly as a replacement for an existing provisioning solution.

Office 365 Provisioning. Sorted.

Like what you see? Want to know more about how ProvisionPoint can help with your Office 365 provisioning needs? Reach out to us for a demo, we’re always available to demonstrate the awesomeness of ProvisionPoint as the Office 365 provisioning solution.

Provisioning Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

More control over Microsoft Teams by defining which settings will be applied to Team before they are created. Configure the initial components of the Team including default Channels and dynamic Conversations.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

Site Collections

Provisioning of Classic and Modern SharePoint Site Collections from templates configured to organisational preferences. Include custom Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Branding, Pages and Web Parts.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups

Better management of Office 365 Groups with control over who can create them within Office 365. Apply organisational settings including Theme, Logo and Naming Convention.

Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Sub Sites

Manage where SharePoint Sub Sites can be created in Office 365, by defining the parent Site Collection. Control the components and settings of Sub Sites by applying a default Template.

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