Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Control SharePoint Sub Sites

The creation process for SharePoint Sub Sites is very important to a number of organisations.  This is especially true for organisations using Classic SharePoint Sites in Office 365.  However, there is a governance challenge with provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites.  This is because the user creating the Sub Site requires Full Control permission on the parent SharePoint Site.  As a result, the user is able to make a number of other setting changes including changing permissions.

ProvisionPoint delivers an improved solution for provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites.  This is because administrators can define who can create SharePoint Sub Sites and under what managed path.  Furthermore, an Action can be enabled to allow Site Owners to create Sub Sites for a SharePoint Site Collection already managed in ProvisionPoint.  Most importantly, all of this capability can be enabled without granting users Full Control permissions.

Consequently, organisations using ProvisionPoint can have confidence in enabling user Self Service for provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites.

Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites
SharePoint Site Template

SharePoint Site Template

In ProvisionPoint administrators can define the base template used for the provisioned SharePoint Sub Site.  This could be a Project Site, Wiki, Blog or Community Site.  However not all organisations are the same, but the default SharePoint Site Templates are the same for everyone.  In contrast, SharePoint Sub Sites created using ProvisionPoint can include organisation specific customisations. 

SharePoint Sub Sites Templates configured in ProvisionPoint can include custom Lists and Libraries.  Also, each of these Lists and Libraries can include custom columns, views and settings such as Version Control.  Furthermore, the SharePoint Sub Site Template can include specific pages and also the web parts to be included on those pages.  Finally, a number of settings can be applied to the SharePoint Sub Site, such as Security Groups, Inherited Master Pages and Site Features. 

Therefore, by using ProvisionPoint organisations can ensure a consistency to how SharePoint Sub Sites are created, without using valuable IT time.

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