Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

Classic or Modern Site Provisioning

There is a growing demand in organisations to enable user self-service for provisioning SharePoint Site Collections.  This is because users best understand when a new SharePoint Site Collection is required and are frustrated with the delays of involving IT.

ProvisionPoint is the flexible and easy to use solution for Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections.  This is because administrators have full control to define which users can create SharePoint Site Collections and also how they are created.

ProvisionPoint can be used to provision the full range of Classic SharePoint Site Collections, including Classic Team Sites, the Records Center and the Document Center.  Consequently, organisations migrating from SharePoint On Premises can replace their current SharePoint provisioning solution with ProvisionPoint.

ProvisionPoint also supports the provisioning of Modern SharePoint Site Collections.  This includes Modern SharePoint Teams Sites with an Office 365 Group.  Alternatively, Modern SharePoint Site Collections can be provisioned without an Office 365 Group.  Furthermore, Modern Communication Sites can also be provisioned.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections
SharePoint Site Templates

SharePoint Site Template

Organisations require consistency in how SharePoint Site Collections are created.  This is because they want to make SharePoint easy to use and to follow compliance rules.  However, templates for SharePoint Site Collections are complex to build, often requiring SharePoint development resources.  In contrast, SharePoint Site Collections requested in ProvisionPoint use an easy to configure Service Definition.

Each Service Definition in ProvisionPoint contains global settings including the base template, url path and primary administrator. Also, the Service Definition can define the visual appearance with Themes, Logos and Master Pages.  Furthermore, it can define any navigation elements used in the SharePoint Site Collection.

The Service Definition in ProvisionPoint also defines the content and taxonomy of the SharePoint Site Collection.  Therefore, it can include Lists, Libraries, Features, Content Types and Site Columns.  Furthermore, ProvisionPoint uses and extends PnP Templates to allow organisations to provision more complex SharePoint Site Collections.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections. Sorted.

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See how ProvisionPoint lets authorised users create SharePoint Sites using defined Templates.

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