SharePoint Site Collections

SharePoint Site Provisioning

ProvisionPoint is the flexible and easy to use solution for provisioning SharePoint Site Collections. It empowers users to create relevant SharePoint Sites easily and reduces pressure on IT resources. Administrators remain in control by defining which users can create SharePoint Site Collections and also how they are created.

Organisations migrating from SharePoint On-Premises can replace their current SharePoint provisioning solution with ProvisionPoint. The full range of Classic SharePoint Site Collections can be provisioned including Classic Team Sites, the Records Center and the Document Center.

ProvisionPoint also supports the provisioning of Modern SharePoint Teams Sites either with or without an Office 365 Group. Other types of Modern SharePoint Site Collections can also be provisioned, including Communication Sites.

SharePoint Site Collections requested in ProvisionPoint use an easy to configure Service Definition to define how the Site is created. An administrator can configure components of the Site, including Lists, Libraries, Features, Content Types and Site Columns. Also, they can define the visual appearance, including Themes and Logos. ProvisionPoint uses and extends PnP Templates to allow organisations to provision more complex SharePoint Site Collections.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections
SharePoint Site Templates

Governance and Lifecycle Management

Organisations require consistency in how SharePoint Site Collections are created and need to ensure relevant compliance rules are followed. ProvisionPoint provides flexibility about how governance is applied in the initial provisioning of the SharePoint Site and how it is managed through its lifecycle.

Each Service Definition in ProvisionPoint defines how the SharePoint Site Collection will be created, including a configurable set of rules for the Site URL. Administrators can configure what metadata a user is required to provide about the Site, including defining Owners and other security groups. If an extra authorisation step is necessary for any provisioning request, then customisable approval processes can be added.

There has long been a problem in SharePoint with information sprawl, and that is no different in Office 365. Frequently no one will take responsibility to dispose of SharePoint Site correctly, whether that be when a project is completed or a when data should no longer be retained. ProvisionPoint addressees these concerns about sprawl by ensuring the correct lifecycle management rules are implemented when a SharePoint Site Collection is provisioned.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections. Sorted.

Like what you see? Want to know more about how ProvisionPoint can help with your Office 365 provisioning needs? Reach out to us for a demo, we’re always available to demonstrate the awesomeness of ProvisionPoint as the Office 365 provisioning solution.

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Provisioning a SharePoint Site

See how ProvisionPoint lets authorised users create SharePoint Sites using defined Templates.

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