Office 365 Group Provisioning

Provision Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups are complex objects which require careful consideration over how they are created.  This is because an Office 365 Group includes an AD Security Group, Exchange Mailbox and Modern SharePoint Team Site.  Therefore, any solution for provisioning Office 365 Groups needs to offer control over how these objects are created.

In contrast the native experience for creating Office 365 Groups provides very little control.  This is because all users are able to create Office 365 Groups, with no restrictions on how they are named.  Consequently, there is significant concern in IT Teams because of the chaos created in Active Directory and Exchange.

ProvisionPoint helps organisations better manage Office 365 Groups with a comprehensive provisioning solution.  This is because administrators can control who can create Office 365 Groups.  Furthermore, approval processes can ensure the correct authorisation for an Office 365 Group.  Finally, administrators have full control over how the Office 365 Groups are named, including using Dynamic properties.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups
Office 365 Group and Modern SharePoint Team Site

Customise Office 365 Groups and Modern SharePoint Sites

Customising Office 365 Groups and Modern SharePoint Sites is not straightforward.  This is because users are required to apply settings manually after Office 365 Group is created.  As a result, the customization process is time consuming and prone to mistakes.  Furthermore, there is compliance risks associated with Office 365 Groups being created with incorrect privacy settings.

The solution for provisioning Office 365 Groups from ProvisionPoint has more flexibility.  This is because administrators can define how each Office 365 Group is created.  First of all, the security and privacy of the Office 365Group can be defined.  Secondly, the template used to create the associated Modern SharePoint Team Site is fully customisable.  Finally, ProvisionPoint extends the capability of PnP Templates, with options to set a custom Theme and Logo.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups. Sorted.

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Creating an Office 365 Group

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