Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Provision Microsoft Teams

Organisations are rethinking collaboration in Office 365 by using Microsoft Teams.  This is because it makes easier for users to communicate and share documents.  However, the fact that all users can create a new Team presents a number of Governance Challenges.  As a result, organisations are seeking more control with a solution for Microsoft Teams provisioning.

ProvisionPoint helps organisations improve Governance with a comprehensive Microsoft Teams provisioning solution.  This is because in ProvisionPoint an administrator can define who can create a Microsoft Team.  Furthermore, they can ensure a justifiable reason for each Team requested by implementing an approval process. 

Microsoft Teams Provisioning
Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Customise Microsoft Teams

By default, in Microsoft Teams the customisation is completed after the Team is created.  As result, there is the reliance on the Owner of the Team to apply the correct settings and create relevant Channels.  This can mean the Team is configured in an inconsistent manner and organisational rules are not followed. 

In contrast by using ProvisionPoint specific templates can be defined for how each Team in Microsoft Team is provisioned.  Further, organisations can use these templates to define different types of Teams to suit different business purposes.  This can mean each types of Team can have varying levels of security and governance.

Firstly, within the template, an administrator can define which settings will be applied when a Microsoft Team is created.  This can include defining whether users can create new Channels and Tabs.  Also, restrictions can be applied to guest permissions within the Team. 

Secondly, within the template, an administrator can define default Channels to be included when the Team is created.  These Channels could have pre-defined names.  Alternatively, the name of a Channels could be dynamic based on information collected in the request process.  Furthermore, each Channel could include default conversations, which again could use dynamic values.

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