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 Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Many organisations are now looking to adopt Microsoft Teams to empower collaboration across the business and with key external partners. However users can often be left frustrated that IT will not let them create their own Teams and that the Team is not configured to their requirements. ProvisionPoint helps organisations empower user self-service with a comprehensive Microsoft Teams provisioning solution. Authorised users can select from a range of pre-defined templates, which we call Service Definitions, to create a Team.

By default, in Microsoft Teams there is the reliance on the Owner of the Team to configure it to their specific needs. In contrast, by using ProvisionPoint, a Service Definition defines how each Team is created, including multiple Channels each with relevant Tabs and Apps. The structure for managing files within Channels can also be tailored to business needs with default folders and files. Finally a familiar brand can be applied to each Team through the consistent application of logos.

ProvisionPoint can help with provisioning Teams for all requirements whether it be a for a business division, internal project or collaboration with an external partner. Barriers are removed to adoption because users can quickly create a Microsoft Team configured to their business needs.

Microsoft Teams Provisioning
Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Governance and Lifecycle Management

Successful implementation of Microsoft Teams is not just about provisioning, equally important is implementing the correct governance controls. In ProvisionPoint an administrator can define who can request a Microsoft Team and also implement approval processes with these requests.

Governance is also about the correct security settings being applied to Teams and ensuring that Teams are correctly classified. In ProvisionPoint administrators define how which settings are applied to a Team when it is created. Further, there is the option for each Team to control Privacy, Classification and Guest Access.

There is a justified concern about information sprawl with Microsoft Teams, which can leave users frustrated by the sheer volume of Teams. ProvisionPoint addressees these concerns about sprawl with business-specific lifecycle rules when a Team is provisioned. If the life of a Team needs to be extended or immediately archived, the Owners can easily do this through an Action.

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How to…

Provisioning a Microsoft Team

See how ProvisionPoint lets authorised users cancreate Microsoft using defined Templates.  Include multiple pre-configured Channels in the Team and ensure that the correct privacy settings are applied.

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