Microsoft 365 Governance

Gain Insight Into Behaviour and Control Over Usage.

Seamless Governance With Minimum Fuss.

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Governing the Modern Workplace

With the many possibilities of Microsoft 365, governance has never been so important. Collaboration has been enabled like never before, and seemingly harmless user behaviours can introduce risks that need to be managed and mitigated.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise brings powerful governance to Microsoft 365, with top-down control for administrators and seamless experiences for users.

The business is happy. Users are empowered to do more without feeling constrained by the system. A governance win-win.

Classification in Office 365
Office 365 Governance

Safely Empower User Self-Service

User self-service can be an important part of an adoption strategy for Microsoft 365. However, there is a risk of users applying security poorly, creating the wrong object or duplicating an existing object. Having the right governance tool will eliminate this risk.

Governance is an essential component of any SharePoint or Microsoft 365 implementation. Organisations have significant concerns about security and data privacy as Microsoft 365, although secure, encourages users to be collaborative both inside and outside of the organisational boundary. 

ProvisionPoint Enterprise can improve Governance in Microsoft 365. Users can be empowered while avoiding security risks, information chaos, or object duplication with no need to compromise functionality or visibility.

Improve Governance with Classification

Context is vital for successful user-empowered governance. The correct classification of information, making it easier to find and understand the content, needs to be mapped to a consistent and relevant taxonomy for classification.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise allows organisations to capture specific metadata as part of the provisioning process. For any Microsoft 365 object, including SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams. Metadata can be shown against a specific item or as part of a global directory. Classification information can be used to enforce governance rules such as branding or object naming.

Classification in Office 365
Office 365 Governance

Authorisation and Compliance

ProvisionPoint Enterprise brings approval process into provisioning. Whether requesting SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, or Microsoft Teams, approval can be requested where needed.

With the importance of privacy and security ever-increasing, organisations use ProvisionPoint Enterprise to maintain the right privacy, security, and visibility of Microsoft 365 objects. Simple management of SharePoint security groups and Microsoft 365 Group privacy is effortlessly coupled to the control of guest access and external users.

With its innovative reporting, ProvisionPoint Enterprise can be used to review trends in provisioning, governance, and lifecycle requests across a Microsoft 365 tenant, leveraging its unique action-by-action visual timeline of each object.

Microsoft 365 Governance. Sorted.

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Office 365 Classification


Capture organisation specific meta data as part of the provisioning process. Visualise this meta data to help users make sense of Microsoft 365 and better understand where information should be filed.

Authorisation for Provisioning in Office 365


Define approval processes for new SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Ensure all relevant parties are kept notified of the process.

Office 365 Compliance


Ensure that organisational compliance rules are applied  in Microsoft 365.  Maintain the right privacy, security and visibility of SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups.

Office 365 Monitoring


Monitor trends of provisioning requests for SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  Use the timeline of a specific object to understand the history of change.

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