Office 365 Classification

Classification for Office 365

Capture customisable meta data as part of the request process for a Site, Group or Team. Use this information to validate the request, control the visual appearance of the object and set naming conventions.

Make the Classification data visible to user to help them discover and understand specific Office 365 objects. Use the data as part custom search solutions and build navigation experiences relevant to your users.

Classification for Office 365

Office 365 Classification. Sorted.

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Building a SharePoint Site Directory in Office 365

A custom request form can be set in ProvisionPoint when a user requests a SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group or Microsoft Team. This is a great feature but what can you do with this data?  The answer is you can push this data into a central SharePoint Site Directory...

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Site Directory

Use ProvisionPoint to create and maintain a Global Site Directory. Browse and navigate your site structure with ease and find key information quickly.

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Organising Office 365

The flat structure of Sites in Office 365 challenges previous thinking.  This is because we are used to building hierarchies.  Whether that be SharePoint Sub Sites, Folders in Network Drives or Folders in Outlook.  As a result many organisations are now asking how to...

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