Provision Yammer Communities

Rapid Provisioning of Yammer Communities

Provisioning Yammer Communities

Most new workspaces require an Office 365 Group which automatically includes the creation of connected objects, namely a Microsoft Team, a SharePoint Site, a Planner Plan and Yammer Communities. To promote user self-service, many enterprise organisations allow their users to create Groups, and subsequently, Office 365 Group connected objects, such as Yammer Communities, can quickly spiral out of control.

ProvisionPoint 365 helps organisations better manage the creation of Yammer Communities with its comprehensive provisioning solution. Administrators can easily implement approval processes as part of the provisioning process, where every request to create an Office 365 Group connected object will goes through ProvisionPoint 365, offering complete control of Group-based object creation in Office 365.

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Governance and Lifecycle Management

There are several governance challenges with Yammer Communities related to security and naming. ProvisionPoint 365 addresses these by enabling complete administrator control over how these settings are applied to the creation of Office 365 Group connected objects.

With ProvisionPoint 365, Yammer Communities users can easily apply naming conventions, security and privacy settings, as well as authorisation processes to help IT teams manage the challenges of Office 365 connected objects.

To avoid IT sprawl, ProvisionPoint 365 also ensures the correct lifecycle management rules are implemented when a Yammer Community is provisioned which results in a safe, secure and consistent experience for users and an uncluttered Active Directory.

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