Office 365 Self-Service Provisioning

Empower Users and Improve Office 365 Adoption.

With Governance Built-In.

Office 365 Self Service Provisioning. Sorted.

Improve Office 365 Adoption with self service provisioning

Successfully delivering Office 365 Self Service provisioning can greatly improve adoption.  This is because user empowerment is one of the key components of a successful Office 365 adoption strategy.  Furthermore, Office 365 Self Service provisioning reduces the demand for insecure cloud services by making the request process simple and efficient.

Users best understand when a new object should be created in Office 365.  Whether this be for a project, external collaboration or intranet portal.  This is in contrast to IT who do not necessarily understand the business need and can be slow to respond.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise enables Office 365 Self Service for authorised users.  They are able to easily request new SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams.


Office 365 Self Service Provisioning with Request Forms

In ProvisionPoint Enterprise users can request a new Office 365 object via a request form.  They are able to choose from a selection of templates to create SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  These templates, called Service Definitions, can be configured by administrators to include various organisation settings.

In contrast to native Office 365, only authorised users can create new Office 365 objects using ProvisionPoint Enterprise.  Administrators can restrict some users to only being able to create certain Office 365 objects.  As result there is a reduction in the risk of information chaos and data duplication.

Office 365 Self-Service Provisioning. Sorted.

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More Lifecycle Features

Planner Provisioning

Planner Provisioning

By using ProvisionPoint Enterprise organisations can preconfigure Planner Plans to be included as part of the Teams provisioning process

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How to Use ProvisionPoint Enterprise.

Learn more with these useful videos on how to use key features of ProvisionPoint Enterprise.

Provisioning a SharePoint Site

See how ProvisionPoint Enterprise lets authorised users can create SharePoint Sites using defined Templates.


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