Office 365 Governance

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is the Workspace Governance Tool for Office 365.

Seamless Office 365 Governance with Minimum Fuss. Sorted.

What is ProvisionPoint Enterprise?

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a workspace governance solution for Office 365, and it’s successor Microsoft 365.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure and the Office 365 product stack, this powerful SaaS solution is made up of 3 pillars of functionality to help users, management, and IT administrators bring control, consistency, and calm to Office 365.


Self-service creation of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Groups, Yammer, and more.

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Simple templates for policy-based administration of all your Office 365 workspaces.

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Enable controls for the end-to-end journey of your user-created containers & content.

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Solving Office 365 Governance Challenges with ProvisionPoint Enterprise

Organisations want to keep Office 365 under control.

The user-empowered flexibility of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Groups makes it easy for Office 365 to get out of control very quickly. ProvisionPoint Enterprise’s powerful feature set brings Workspace Governance to life, solving real-world business challenges within Office 365.


Prevent Teams Sprawl


Empower Users with Self-Service


Accelerate Teams Adoption


Improve Workplace Collaboration


Provisioning for Teams & SharePoint


Manage Your Governance Policies


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

Office 365 Governance. Sorted.

Ready To See More?

See How ProvisionPoint Enterprise Can Solve Your Office 365 Governance Challenges.

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