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SharePoint Site Provisioning

SharePoint Site Provisioning


SharePoint is a great tool for managing documents and collaboration, but asking users to create or administer their own sites can be fraught with risk and confusion. Many organisations have their IT teams make changes on behalf of their users, but that can be time consuming and tedious.

Even organisations that have systems and process in place to manage this face an ongoing challenge. Microsoft continue to improve Office 365 and add new types of sites which can be created further compounding the problem.


Its pretty simple, ProvisionPoint was designed for the creation and ongoing management of sites. Administrators create site templates, or ‘service definitions’, determining the types of sites users can create. Authorised users can request these sites on completing a tailored request form.

ProvisionPoint is constantly evolving, we support creating both Classic and Modern Sites. You can create Team Sites, Groups and Communication Sites. Each site created is tailored to your organisational needs, including lists, libraries and metadata.