Service Timeline

What is a Timeline?

For any document in SharePoint it is easy to see the author and a history of any changes. However have you ever wondered who is responsible for a particular site? What is its purpose? What is the history behind this site?

This is a common problem experienced by Office 365 users because it is not easy to classify a site or access any kind of log describing what has changed on that site.

Every action that goes through ProvisionPoint is tracked, including what it was, when it happened and who did it. This is shown in a Timeline for each site accessible either in a Site Directory or in context of a specific site. ProvisionPoint also shows key information about each site including the site types, descriptions and site owner information.
If you need to store any organisation specific information you can create custom Site Request Forms which require a user to specify metadata before a site can be requested.

Office 365 Service Timeline

Service Timeline. Sorted.

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