PnP Provisioning Templates

How are PnP Provisioning Templates used?

It is really simple, ProvisionPoint supports using PnP Provisioning Templates to configure SharePoint Sites when they are created. In the PnP Provisioning Template you can define various features that can be part of the site created, including Lists, Content Types and security. ProvisionPoint lets you link your PnP Provisioning Template to a Service Definition and then leverage all of its functionality. With no extra development effort you can control who can use templates to create sites, capture custom metadata before the site is created and optionally implement approval steps as required.

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What are PnP Provisioning Templates?

OfficeDev PnP is an open source initiative led by Microsoft and supported by the community. One of the key aims is to build a comprehensive schema and provisioning engine for SharePoint sites. There is a lot more to the initiative, you can read more about it here.

We think PnP Provisioning Templates are great and they are often the method employed by developers when configuring what will be created in SharePoint sites. However, to create a site you need to use PowerShell which is not a tool for end users. Some organisations will attempt to create some from of application to create Sites from PnP Provisioning Templates but soon hit issues.

PnP Provisioning Templates. Sorted.

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