Site Classification

Site Classification for modern sites Contact us to find out more about this feature. Site Classification. Sorted. Like what you see? Want to know more about how ProvisionPoint can help with your Office 365 provisioning needs? Reach out to us for a demo, we’re always...
Authorisation Workflow

Authorisation Workflow

Authorisation Workflow for Provisioning Requests One of the biggest challenges around managing sites in Office 365 is whether to let users create them or make them submit a request to an administrator. Neither of these scenarios are ideal, especially when Office 365...
Authorisation Workflow

Service Statistics

The ProvisionPoint Dashboard ProvisionPoint provides an Administrator with a dashboard where they can visualise key statistics including numbers of sites, numbers of requests and trends over a given timeframe. The Timeline allows a manager or administrator the ability...
Authorisation Workflow

Service Timeline

What is a Timeline? For any document in SharePoint it is easy to see the author and a history of any changes. However have you ever wondered who is responsible for a particular site? What is its purpose? What is the history behind this site? This is a common problem...
Authorisation Workflow

Service Definitions

What is a Service Definition? Service Definitions are the “Secret Sauce” of ProvisonPoint, which makes us stand out from any other solution. They are used to define how new sites are created, as well as how they are managed after the site is created....
Authorisation Workflow

Site Directory

The Global Site Directory ProvisionPoint maintains a single Site Directory which gives a clear and simple interface in which users can find sites. It provides the structure which is lacking in Office 365, with the added benefit of being to see a history of actions for...

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