Blog Series: Life at ProvisionPoint – Part 1 – New Beginnings

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Blog

People Power at ProvisionPoint

At ProvisionPoint, our people are arguably our most valuable asset. Our team is capable, experienced, and diverse, and we’re proud of their ongoing contribution to the continued growth and success of ProvisionPoint.

As part of a new blog series to open the door on the inner workings of ProvisionPoint, Josh Casson, our Head of New Business, is journaling his experiences since joining the company. The highs, the lows, and his thoughts will be laid bare for all to read over the coming months.

In this first post, Josh tells us a little about his background and his initial thoughts on being part of “Team ProvisionPoint”.

New Beginnings

Yo. Hello. Ciao.

I’m the freshest face at ProvisionPoint. The new kid on the block, as it were. My name’s Josh, and I’ve recently been hired as the Head of New Business, which is a fancy way of saying I specialise in sales and business development.

You may be wondering how I got here? Let me tell you.

josh casson head of new business at provisionpoint

I started working at the tender age of 17, leaving education behind and getting a head start on my career instead. To sum up the last ten years, I worked in the construction industry for seven years, and then technology for the last three or so. Throughout this, I’ve always been focused on sales and account management.

During the pandemic we’ve all experienced for the better part of two years, I spent most of my working time at home. I quickly realised that I thrived when I was given the freedom to focus more on my targets and develop different ways to achieve them. Compared to the distractions of a typical office environment, this was a blessing. I wanted to continue working in this environment where I excelled, so I started looking for new opportunities, as I knew it wasn’t an option with my employers at the time.

Settling In

Fast forward a little, and I’m now wrapping up my second week at ProvisionPoint. I had a good vibe about the company from the very first interview—straight-talking, no smoke and mirrors, just like me.

Expectations were clear from the beginning, and yet freedom was given – many of us have experienced micromanagement nightmares – but this was the furthest possible alternative. The chance to work flexible hours based on my schedule and international clients was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

I’m a logical thinker with at least a little (read: a lot of) common sense. This matched up perfectly with how ProvisionPoint functions as an organisation and – touch wood – so far so good.

I’m gradually being integrated with the teams at the company, from sales & marketing, delivery, and engineering. Seeing colleagues who’ve been here for considerably longer than me still learning and building themselves up in their own time is both inspiring and daunting.

The team’s knowledge around our products and Microsoft 365 as the platform we support far outweighs mine at this time, yet the entire team has the drive and love for the company to keep improving on that knowledge.

It sets great expectations for my own path and the journey I am on, which I intend to keep sharing with you over the coming months.

Stay tuned, I’m sure it won’t always be rose-tinted glasses!


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