Office 365. Sorted.

The provisioning & change management solution for Office 365

Office 365 Provisioning


The complete provisioning solution for building your Digital Workplace experience on Office 365. Enable effective User Self-Service to create SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.
Office 365 Lifecycle


Effectively manage the end to end lifecycle of SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups. Control who is able to create, what they can create, manage ongoing change and when deletion can occur.
Office 365 Governance


Empower your users to get the most out of Office 365 whilst avoiding information chaos and duplication.  Reduce the pressure on your administrators without comprising on security or auditing.

Office 365 Provisioning Simplified

ProvisionPoint is the Office 365 provisioning and management tool designed for everyone.  It works with the different apps in Office 365 including SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  The easy to use interface empowers users and helps to improve User Adoption.  It is simple to install and configurable to support different governance needs.

Want to know more about how ProvisionPoint can help with your Office 365 provisioning needs? Reach out to us for a demo, we’re always available to demonstrate the awesomeness of ProvisionPoint as the Office 365 provisioning solution.

Provisioning Office 365 objects

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

Site Collections

Provisioning of Classic and Modern SharePoint Site Collections from templates configured to organisational preferences. Include custom Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Branding, Pages and Web Parts.
Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Sub Sites

Manage where SharePoint Sub Sites can be created in Office 365, by defining the parent Site Collection. Control the components and settings of Sub Sites by applying a default Template.
Provisioning Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups

Better management of Office 365 Groups with control over who can create them within Office 365. Apply organisational settings including Theme, Logo and Naming Convention.
Provisioning Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

More control over Microsoft Teams by defining which settings will be applied to Team before they are created. Configure the initial components of the Team including default Channels and dynamic Conversations.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

ProvisionPoint supports the provisioning of either Classic or Modern SharePoint Site Collections. Create Team Sites, Document Centers, Community Sites, Project Sites and Communication Sites.

Define Site Collection specific settings including the URL Path, Site Columns and Content Types. Manage the security settings for the Site Collection by restricting External Access and setting the Administrators.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections
Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Deliver improved provisioning of SharePoint Sub Sites by using ProvisionPoint. Maintain control of the structure of your SharePoint Sites by managing where Sub Sites are created and providing a consistent navigation experience.

Implement a consistency to your SharePoint Sub Sites by defining which base Template is used to create the Site. Apply further organisation specific customisations including Lists, Libraries, Pages and Web Parts.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups

ProvisionPoint helps organisations better manage Office 365 Groups with a comprehensive provisioning solution. Get control over how Group objects are created in your Active Directory by managing who can create Groups and how they are named.

Define any customisations which are applied to an Office 365 Group, including the Theme and Logo. Deliver better organisational compliance by applying the correct privacy level to Groups when they are provisioned.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups
Provisioning Microsoft Teams

Provisioning Microsoft Teams

Get the most value from Microsoft Teams by using ProvisionPoint for provisioning and management. Create different types of Teams to suit different business purposes, which can have varying levels of security and governance.

Ensure that there is justifiable reason for each Team which is created and that the Team is created according to organisational rules. Manage how a Team is provisioned with control over Settings, Channels and Conversations.

Lifecycle Management for Office 365

Self Service for Office 365

Self Service

Improve adoption and accelerate your Office 365 roll out by delivering Self-Service provisioning. Allow authorised users to request new SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Site Ownership

Site Ownership

Define clear Ownership to ensure that information in Office 365 is still relevant and is effectively managed. Set Owners for each SharePoint Site, Microsoft Team and Office 365 Group created.

Office 365 Site Actions

Site Actions

Delegate the ongoing management of SharePoint Sites without granting administrator permissions. Allow authorised users to update Site Details, create new Lists, change Security and manage Deletion.

Lease Management for Office 365


Get control of information sprawl in Office 365 by impose a Lease. Set different expiry actions including notifications, removing permissions, archiving and deletion.

Self Service for Office 365

Improve Adoption by enabling User Self Service to request new Office 365 objects relevant to your organisational needs. Reduce the need to use other insecure cloud services by making the request process simple and efficient.

In ProvisionPoint authorised users can request from a selection of templates to create SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Restrict or exclude some users from being able to create certain Office 365 objects.

Self Service for Office 365
Ownership of Office 365 Objects

Ownership of Office 365 objects

Make Ownership central to the Lifecycle of an Object in Office 365 and embed this into your adoption programme. Allow Owners to be visible throughout Office 365 from individual objects to global navigation directories.

Set Owners at the point of creating a SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group and Microsoft Team. Change ownership when appropriate to ensure that objects do not get orphaned and continue to be managed effectively.

Actions post Provisioning

Use ProvisionPoint to delegate key Actions so that authorised users can effectively manage Sites, Groups and Teams.  Define which Actions an Owner can complete against specific objects without granting full administrative rights.

An Office 365 Object can be effectively managed by delegated Actions including changing Security, managing the Lease and object Deletion. Site Owners can also enhance an existing Site by creating new Lists and Libraries from defined templates.

Office 365 Actions Post Provisioning
Office 365 Provisioning with Lease

Provision with Leases

Get more control over the expiry process for Sites, Teams and Groups created in Office 365. Have flexibility over your content retention strategy by assigning different Leases against different Office 365 Objects.

Use ProvisionPoint to define the Lease period for different objects created in Office 365. Set specific expiry options for a Lease including Archiving, Notifications, Removing Access and Deletion.

Governance for Office 365

Office 365 Classification


Capture organisation specific meta data as part of the provisioning process. Visualise this meta data to help users make sense of Office 365 and better understand where information should be filed.
Authorisation for Provisioning in Office 365


Define approval processes for new SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Ensure all relevant parties are kept notified of the process.

Office 365 Compliance


Ensure that organisational compliance rules are applied  in Office 365.  Maintain the right privacy, security and visibility of SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups.

Office 365 Monitoring


Monitor trends of provisioning requests for SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  Use the timeline of a specific object to understand the history of change.


Capture customisable meta data as part of the request process for a SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group or Microsoft Team. Use this information to validate the request, control the visual appearance of the object and set naming conventions.

Make the Classification data visible to user to help them discover and understand specific Office 365 objects. Use the data as part custom search solutions and build navigation experiences relevant to your users.

Classification for Office 365
Authorisation of Provisioning Requests

Authorisation of Provisioning Requests

Implement organisation specific authorisation processes for certain provisioning requests within Office 365. Notify key users about provisioning requests, authorisation actions and request outcomes.

Use ProvisionPoint to define approval processes to requests for new SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Implement granular approval to individual Actions, including object deletion.

Provisioning Compliance

Have confidence that Self-Service in Office 365 will not cause you compliance headaches. Reduce risk by ensuring that sensitive data locations are secured and classified according to your organisational needs.

In ProvisionPoint ensure the correct privacy is applied to Office 365 Groups and Modern Team Sites. Control which users are given access to newly provisioned objects and enable external access only where required.

Compliance for Office 365
Monitoring Office 365 Actions

Monitoring Office 365 Actions

Get valuable insight into Office 365 adoption by analysing trends of provisioning requests. Use the Timeline within ProvisionPoint to see the detail of the provisioning process and the history of changes.

Administrators can monitor provisioning requests and easily troubleshoot any problems within specific templates. Audit changes made to Office 365 objects with detail of change date, user involved and any approval steps.